Amwell Street Surgery
T: 01992 464147
Out of Hours: 111
Mon - Fri: 8.00am - 6.30pm
Amwell Surgery, Medical Centre, Fawkon Walk, Hoddesdon, Herts EN11 8FG

New Patients

Amwell Surgery operates an open list and welcomes new patients who live in or have just moved to our inner practice area.

All new patients who wish to register at this surgery for NHS treatment will need to complete the following forms:

For ALL new patients the practice requires proof of:-

  • Identity e.g. Passport, Driving License, Birth Certificate
  • Address Verification confirming your current address e.g. latest Bank Statement, Utility Bill, Council Tax letter, Driving license  

Children under 16 years can only be registered by their Parent or Legal Guardian who will be need to produce either a birth certificate, Parental Responsibility Order/Agreement granted by the Court or Residence Order.

Practice Area

The practice has an inner and outer practice area which covers the market town of Hoddesdon and some of the surrounding villages as shown below.

We are only allowed to accept new patients that move into our Inner Practice Area. If you are not sure if you live within the Inner Area please ask at reception.

Under new legislative changes it is now possible for existing patients that move out of our inner boundary area but are still within our outer boundary area to remain registered with the practice where appropriate.

However patients that move out of our inner and outer area will need to register with a new practice which covers the area they have moved into.

For further information on local practices you may contact the Registration Department at the Health Authority on 01707 390855 and ask for GP registrations.

Treatment of Overseas Visitors

We regret that we are only able to provide treatment that is classed as ‘Emergency’ or ‘Immediately Necessary’ for people travelling from abroad. Any treatment that is not considered by the Doctor to be ‘Emergency’ or ‘Immediately Necessary’ will be provided on a Private basis and will be chargeable.

We are committed to providing all patients with the best service possible and you will be treated with respect as an individual, irrespective of ethnic origin, age, religious beliefs, personal attributes or the nature of your health problems.

My Care Record

People in Hertfordshire will soon benefit from better care, thanks to a new programme which will give health and care professionals the ability to view their patients’ up-to-date medical records.

Health and care professionals need accurate information in order to make the best decisions with their patients about their treatment. The My Care Record programme will enable patients’ records to be viewed quickly and accurately, over a secure healthcare information network.  Before any records are viewed, patients will be asked for their permission by the health or social care professional caring for them. 

Dr Nicky Williams, a Hertfordshire GP and deputy clinical Chair of East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group said:

“We know that patients want us to make informed decisions about their treatment, based on the most accurate information about their health.  By securely accessing up-to-date information about our patients during consultations, medical professionals can make well-informed decisions and avoid the need for unnecessary, expensive and invasive tests and paperwork.”

My Care Record does not create a new record for patients, but instead allows a patient’s existing records to be viewed through a secure healthcare information network, as long as they have given their permission for this to take place.  An example could include allowing a hospital doctor to see a person’s previous medical treatment or conditions in order to treat them appropriately.

Third parties, private companies and health and care staff who are not directly involved in a patient’s care will not be able to access their records.  Existing arrangements for sharing information – by phone, fax, email or post - will be maintained to ensure that patients have a  choice about how their information is viewed and to provide for those who choose to ‘opt out’ of the programme.

A dedicated website has been created for people who want to find out more about My Care Record and how it will work.

Go to to read more and view detailed questions and answers about the programme, which will begin to be implemented at the end of January.

My Care Record Fair Processing Notice